Let Autumn Fall in Your Favour

The pleasant cooler weather of Autumn is here and with it will come a fresh new wave of buyers to the market.  If you are selling you can help maximise your potential success by adjusting your property presentation.

3 of my top tips are:

  1. Let the light shine in along with the warm rays of sunshine.  Days will be shorter in Autumn and the light less bright.  Dark rooms have less appeal and may look smaller.  Dust light bulbs and clean window glass.  Clean your walls and blinds to ensure any marks or mould spots from the recent high humidity are removed.
  2. Rake up fRain Gutter full of leavesalling leaves, sweep timber decks and keep gutters and drainpipes and covers clear. This helps with visual presentation as well as building confidence that the home is well maintained and loved. You may like to engage a garden maintenance helper while selling if you have an extra leafy garden setting.
  3. Add warmth with throw rugs and comfy cushions to your bedroom, lounge room and outdoor entertaining settings. Set a scene of serenity and comfort with warm tone bedding and bathroom towels.  Switch on lamps in addition to lights and consider changing to soft globe colours.

If you would like extra tips that are more personalised to your property and needs please feel welcome to call me to arrange a complimentary consultation or complete the contact form below.

Let’s work together to help you sell successfully…

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