Behind the Scenes in a Real Estate Agent’s Day – A Focus on Becoming Unfocused


As a real estate agent my day is filled with many varied tasks that need lots of focus and structure to keep on track. From urgent to non-urgent, important to non-important, it is day that can take a sharp turn with each new phone call, email or inspection.

I love being busy and thrive on the variety of real estate but, since both my life coach and real estate coach keep insisting that daily meditation is crucial, this evening I decided to give it a serious go.

Laying down in a darkened room diffused with essential oils, I soon became quite comfortable.  With headphones on, I started searching YouTube on my iPhone for meditation music.  It didn’t take too long to realise I was fully engrossed in an interview with one of the super agents on Million Dollar Listing L.A. – I am such a real estate tragic!

Trying to get back to finding a meditation video I soon found myself watching another Real Estate training video.  As I knew I had committed to myself to getting started on meditation I switched the video channel and, after 20 minutes of relaxing music and instruction, I felt amazing and knew I would continue with meditations each day.  The other recommendation from my coaches of getting up each day at 5am is still on the Must Do list for another day.

I then started thinking about how we sometimes find it hard to get started on new ideas, breaking habits or overthinking a situation and ending up sticking to the tasks we are more comfortable with.

For example, if you want to sell your home to downsize and find yourself worrying about how to get started with decluttering you may find yourself changing the subject of selling in your mind and watching a movie instead.

I find it easy and motivating to stay on focus for tasks to help other people.  To ensure I find it easier to stay on focus on tasks to help myself, I look for the benefits for others when I want to change myself or my situation. Meditation will help me with clarity, problem solving and will allow me to operate at 100% for the other hours of the day.  This is beneficial to others in so many ways and I win too.

The best way to get started is to be clear on your goal, the benefits to others and how you will win too.  Then chunk it down into bite size pieces or small steps.  To start the process of selling and moving I would start with finding 3 empty boxes and sorting one cupboard or room at a time.  To start doing meditation I aimed for 10 minutes and soon after my mind slipped into relaxation for 20 minutes.

What would you like to start doing by remaining focused?

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